So here is UD's future point guard, Payton!

Luckily, a friend of a friend of a friend helped us get onto the UD court before the Findlay exhibition game for a few minutes to play around and get some pictures. I couldn't tell who was happier to be there - Dave or Payton. Truthfully, it's a toss up since Payton has been going to UD basketball games since birth so it's no surprise how much she loves basketball (especially UD basketball)!

Now as we pull into the arena parking lot for games she gets SOOOO excited! She knows exactly where she is and what she's about to see! Payton almost makes a gasping noise, like she's so excited that she can't hold it in (pretty much the same one I hear from Dave - haha!)

Thank you to the individuals for making this happen - it was a dream come true for my Flyer crew! And a special thanks to Chris Johnson for making Payton feel part of the team!!!

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